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Server Description

Saintzscape has decided to return too the RuneScape Private Server scene! We have a heck of a lot of content too keep you busy. Some of our main features include but are not limited too:

Custom interfaces

Great luck-based donation system(brings the pay2win aspect down a bit)

Custom Pets with great pet perks

All working skills so you can compete with your friends too be the best

Working inferno mini-game, who will be the first to claim the notorious cape?

Custom Home area that includes sorted building for different npc/s, no need to feel lost

Custom Skilling zone too make skilling a little less tedious

CS:GO styled box opening interface

Custom items that don/t just look misplaced and eye-straining

Many OSRS items and Bosses, why pay for membership when you can experience that content here?

Minigames too compete with the server

Scam-Proof gambling system

We are sure you will enjoy Saintzscape, this server has been built too ensure that everyone has a place here, maybe you enjoy killing the strongest monsters, or taking ore from the hardest rocks. Perhaps you just like to chill out whilst looking the best. Saintzscape is your new home.

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